2014 Dart bulb keeps blowing out

the bulb in my 2014 dodge dart keep blowing about every time I put one it might last about a month, what could cause it?

Would it be asking too much for you to actually say what bulb keeps failing ?


If you’re talking about the headlight bulb, quit touching the glass part of the bulb when replacing it.

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Not touching the bulb

Are you using the bulb# recommended by the carmaker, and of a brand with a long term good reputation? (Lots of hyped bad stuff is available.)

Yes plus bought a new plug just in case it was bad

These bulbs are almost $30

At rockauto the standard GE bulb for this car is $9 .

Damaged wiring could cause it. Is it just the one bulb that keeps failing?

Notice that the OP has replied 3 times and still won’t tell us what bulb keeps blowing.

Hi Hutchins:
A couple of questions:

  1. Is this a headlamp bulb?
  2. Is it the same bulb that keeps blowing out, or do both sides blow out (if it is a headlamp).
  3. Can you reply with the brand name of the bulb you’re replacing it with?


Have you noticed any moisture inside the headlight housing?

Next time buy the replacement bulb at a different parts store. Sometimes a whole bin of bulbs will be bad, manufacturer didn’t catch it. I’ve had that happen on my Corolla’s dome light. 4 failed in a row, each lasting less than 2 months, bought the 5th bulb at a different place, same brand, same part number, lasted more than 10 years.

It’s the “DART” bulb (says so right in the title). I guess 2014 is the bulb number. Must be a very specific bulb I can’t find a reference for it anywhere.

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Is that the one in the side view mirrors that flash on and off when Darting in and out of traffic ?


Or, 2014 is the model year?

I wish the OP would say so…:thinking:

Is it bigger than a bread box?

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