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Aceleration problems

I have a 1988 Toyota Camry. I was driving to work this morning, the car was driving fine. After about 10 mile or so, I stopped at a red light, when the light changed the car wouldn’t accelerate it seemed to have a really bad hesitation. If i let off the gas it would idle fine, none of the warning lights are on. However, when I give it more gas the car doesn’t have any power at all. It has plenty of gas in it and the exhaust has no signs of any oil or water in it. I was thinking it may be a bad fuel filter or a tank of bad gas. Any suggestions would be a great help thank you.

Bad gas is possible, but not likely. Had you just filled the tank? Clogged fuel filter, or a fuel pump going bad are more possible.

“I have a 1988 Toyota Camry. I was driving to work this morning, the car was driving fine.”

This is surprising, considering the car is 24 or 25 years old.
What’s not surprising is problems of this nature on a car that is well into its senior citizen years.

You either need a mechanic or you can possibly do some DIY diagnosing.
Any “Check Engine” light or any other warnings ?

The car possibly has stored clues to the problem in the form of ECM (Engine Control Module) computer codes. The car should be checked for OBD (OnBoard Diagnostics) DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). Without the “Check Engine” warning, it’s less likely that any codes will be available.

Most cars since 1996 have a newer OBD2 system. You have the older OBD [1] system. See if an auto parts store can read these OBD [1] codes for you or if you’re going to be keeping this car, consider buying an inexpensive OBD [1] code reader which will come with instructions and a way to translate the DTCs to which system/circuit on the car is the likely culprit.

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Look at this link. See if this looks like something you can try. It’s a method of getting your car to “flash” a pattern of “Check Engine” light illuminations to give you the codes. “flash” “flash” “flash” . . pause . . . “flash” “flash” would be code 32 (3 flashes, pause, 2 flashes.

Come back with questions if you need help.



On a car this age it would not be at all unusual for a vacuum line to fall off.
There are 100 other possibilities, but start with the basics. See if everythin under the hood is properly hooked up.

At the risk of sounding stupid I must make this comment. Have you checked for water in the fuel system? I have found that using fuel system dryer Spring and Fall has solved a number of serious performance issues over many years. I know I’m speaking to the choir, but when the temperature falls through the dewpoint in the Spring and Fall the air within the top of your gasoline tank will condense moisture which will accumulate at the bottom of the tank until it reaches the outlet, where will be drawn into the fuel lines and plague you with problems until it is removed.

well i got it looked at and it turns out he ignition coil that i thought was good wasn’t and had to be replaced