AccuGage 0-60psi Analog Gauge

I would contact customer service at Milton/G.H. Meiser and tell them of the problem. IIRC, there’s a lifetime warranty on those gauges.

jee2 made his first post in Dec 2020 and my diet is of no concern of yours.

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Right, and he was new to our Community and we were asked to welcome him/her. I was jee2 that continued his/her own discussion. If it doesn’t seem right to you then you have the right to remain silent.

I believe shopping for a gauge, on and oof for a while, as I have been doing, is not necessarily something that requires an immediate decision.

Sorry, I was just trying to help out. You don’t seem happy when I read your comments.

I’m totally gruntled and I’d rather you’d not scare off new folks. Anybody is welcome here, whether quick to act or pensive and thorough and not in a rush. Remember, comments are optional. Thank you.
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Hmm…A bit testy for a forum that’s derived from an NPR program. I was expecting a bit of compassion for and understanding of my OCD tendencies…

Anyhow…back to gauges

Please don’t let it bother you. We just have a couple not so friendly types, some haven’t been here long. I have been here for decades. I agree that the forum should be more in the likeness of the NPR show.

Please stay and become a regular contributor/participant.

When I saw your post about pressure gauges I was interested because I have been looking for one, for quite a while, that’s accurate and easy to use, too.

I have had good success with my old German Motometer dial-indicator gauges, but they reside at my other residence 1500 miles from here and I don’t believe they’re available new for purchase. I need one for this location, primarily for cars and bicycles.

I understand that a hasty selection decision isn’t as important as finding the right one. This is a great discussion and I will stay tuned. Thank you! Welcome!

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I’m not running away. But, thanks for reminding me of the MotoMeter gauges. Back in the day, that’s what all the German car aficionados carried…

I worked at Volkswagen dealers back in the day ( I purchased a brand new 1971 Clementine Orange Super Beetle from one) and we sold those gauges. My oldest one has a genuine leather storage pouch. Those gauges had no hose, but worked well.
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A had 1974 Senegal Red Super Beetle was my first car. Commuted to college for 4-yrs then took it with me to my first real job. 4-yrs later, I finally purchased a car with a heater and AC…

Yes, I remember Winter in PA with my Beetle. For a long drive, you needed a pair of Sorel Packs and wool hunting pants.

Are those gauges any relation to the Boyce Motometer radiator temperature gauges popular in the 1920’s?

Hey my bike tires need 95 psi, the $13 12 volt compressor works fine for me. Goes up to 120 PSI. Close enough for me.

It wouldn’t hurt to take your own advice every now and then CSA. You’ve escalated conversations before too.


As the cat said to Larry, “I have needs”. That doesn’t mean my needs are the same as yours…:slight_smile:

Touché! :grimacing:
It’s true that I sometimes have a “sharp tongue,” as they say. However, I try and never use it in discussions with visitors and guests, and newcomers on this site, but rather with some old crusty regulars, deserving folks.

Last week, I played golf on a scramble team and one of our foursome was from Boston. Besides saying “Cot Poth” for “cart path” (which I quickly made light of)," she had a sharp tongue tempered by a fun degree of humor.

A guy teeing off on a tee behind and to the right of us (where one can’t see our tee) landed a ball just past another more mature woman (well into her eighties, great player) in our group. It could have killed her.

When the guy came looking for his ball, the Boston woman got in his face, not once, but 2 or 3 times, going on and on about yelling “fore,” golf etiquette, etcetera, embellished with colorful language that would make a sailor blush.

After playing golf for several holes I looked at her and told her that I never new that I was from Boston, too.

My wife and I just finished playing in our couples league with a nice couple. We had a blast, tons of fun, gorgeously nice warm, sunny weather, here in paradise. I got along with everybody just fine. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:(My wife and I finished in the money, 1st place, low gross, incidentally, just saying).

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