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In search of a good tire pressure gauge

Can you recommend a good tire air pressure gauge?

The world is full of them!

I bought a Campbell-Hauser electronic @ The Mart of Wal for $6. It’s worked well and lasted long. It reads up to 120 psi, necessary for my bicycle’s tires. They’re so simple to make I hope they’re all good, except the pencil gauges which aren’t, possibly because they get dirty.

I have a couple of Accu-Gages and they work well too. Around $10 at many places for the S60X.

Avoid the pencil type; they are notoriously inaccurate.

The pencil type I received from Discount tires work just fine.

I prefer the dial type. Just easier to read but I also like the ones where the fitting is straight on and not off-set. Just seems easier to get on the valve straight, but I see they are the cheaper ones. Still I’m not sure being a few pounds off is significant if all the tires are the same. So yeah the $10 one is just fine for me plus the TPMS.

I like the digitals that have a 0,1 psi increments and are calibrated traceable to a NIST standard.

I had all the tires aired to the proper pressure two weeks ago. I just checked them using the free pencil guage that was given to me. They all measured within a pound of the specified number. That is good enough for most people so I see no need to spend a lot of money for a tire gauge unless you are a NASCAR mechanic.

I’ve been using a pencil gauge I bought 20 years ago and it always works fine. It’s the two head type like this one, don’t know what brand but made in USA. It fits easily in the glove box.

My opinion is that an analog dial gauge is most likely to be accurate and consistent. I’m happy with my multiple Accu-Gage gauges.