Accident, damage to driver side front wheel

I was making a left turn and an on coming car hit my left front wheel (08 Honda CRV). I didn’t see the other driver as she didn’t have her lights on (~6:15pm/dark in residential area). The other driver hit my tire hard enough that the tire is tilting inward. The alignment is totally off and and it’s difficult to steer the car. I could smell something burning too in the short 1/2 block drive back to my house. The insurance adjuster is coming out the next day or so to examine the car. Aside from alignment issues, axle, suspension, and steering what other structural/mechanical things should I be worried about? Car frame? Thanks, Kim

Insurance adjuster and good body shops are trained. Also make sure if wheel is alloy and damaged it gets replaced.

Without seeing the car it is nearly impossible to tell. You could need new control arms, steering knuckle, tie rod, strut, steering rack, transmission, wheel, tire, brake lines, a number of things may or may not be damaged.

Most likely the frame rails and the subframe are fine. I would suggest to the appraiser that you need a new tire.

The unibody-McPherson strut construction of your vehicle means structural damage is quite possible. If you are LUCKY, the lower control arm collapsed, pushing the wheel in. If the control arm DIDN’T collapse, then the body structure collapsed (bent frame) and more extensive repairs will be necessary…

To tell FOR SURE, the car must be put on a frame jig at a body shop and some measurements taken…