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Accelerator pedal

I have a 1964 Buick Special with a 310 engine, it has developed a problem were the accelerator pedal is ‘sucked to the floor’ and stays there when driving? The engine and carburator is origional factory equipment and would like to keep it that way. There are no mechanical linkage problems and again the feeling is the pedal is suck to the floor as if by vacuum?

Please help…

That’s a new one! If your throttle return spring or springs are not strong enough, like the spring lost its tension, then it might feel like the gas pedal is being sucked to the floor, simply by the action of the air through the throttle plate and down the carb. When you say there are no mechanical linkage problems, how do you know? Did you put a gage on the gas pedal and also the throttle lever to test/check the actual tension vs the required tension? I’d go out and stick another aftermarket throttle return spring onto the throttle arm and give it a try.

Disconnect the throttle cable from the carburator. Now try operating the gas pedal by hand. If it still sticks, replace the throttle cable. What happens is the metal cable inside the cable jacket begins to fray. And the broken ends of the frayed cable grab onto the jacket, causing the gas pedal not to return.


You might want to check the motor mounts. If a motor mount is bad, the engine could move and pull the accelerator down.