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Accelerator not working

Last week my battery exploded. I put in a new battery. When I shift to drive or reverse, car will move forward as well as backward, but by pressing down on the accelerator, there’s no gas going to the engine nor any RPM & car doesn’t move. Did the explosion cause it? By the way, I want to thank everyone who responded last week.

Humor those of us who can’t remember your post last week. What kind of car are we discussing?

Okay, I looked and I see that it’s an '05 Camry.

HAve someone sit in the car and press the gas pedal while you watch the throttle to see if it’s moving. Has there been any change in the way the pedal feels?

I don’t remember last week. I don’t remember ANYTHING about last week.

But I’m wondering of the throttle position sensor was damaged by the battery acid.

Did you ever find out why the battery exploded? Bad regulator?

The pedal goes up & down as usual, but no RPM on the engine, no gas flowing into engine. Car moves when in drive or reverse, that’s all. The dealer did a diagnosis test & said the engine control module shorted. They don’t know how it happened, though. Parts & labor is over $1200.00 & that’s already with Goodwill.

Please see above. Thanks for youe help.