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Acclerator stops working while driving

I was on I-85 between Georgia and South Carolina. Speed Limit in Georgia is 70mph and S.C. is 65. I was using my cruise control set at 75mph crossing intoS.C.I cut the cruise control off due to the heavy traffic and reduced speed limit.

I traveled about one mile when I noticed the truck was slowing down and the acclerator was not working. Ipulled off as far as I could get on the shoulder of the Interstate. The acclerator pedal had no control at all,laying against the floor.

I had the trucktowedand the garage told me that I had lost power which caused the problem. They said my battery was the culprit. They stated that their dignostic showed the battery was completely(?)dead.

Ihad the A/C on and the head lights. After stopping I turned my emergency flashers on and they worked fine.

I have never heard of this, could the battery cause this problem?

You didn’t tell us the age of your truck.

Yes, the battery could cause this problem.

How old is your truck?

The throttle position sensor sends a voltage to the ECU relative the position you set with the pedal. The reference voltage for the sensor comes from the ECU I believe so it seems more than the accelerator pedal would have been effected if the battery was dead. There may be a wiring problem to the TPS sensor and if so a code should be set to warn you of that. I assume that whatever caused the low battery charge has been fixed and perhaps it may clear this trouble up.

Truck is a 1998 Ford F150.
the mechanic finally came clean. I told him I did not belive it wasthe battery because I started the Truck twice after the accleratorstopped. He stated that the wire had pulled loose due to my floor mat riding up and hanging. this was after I had paid him for the battery.

The truck is a 1998 model. It was a wiring problem. After selling me a battery, and several questions,he stated that the wiring had been pulled loose by the floor mat.