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Acceleration Growl, especially going uphill

Our 2012 has about 100,000 miles and has developed a growl when accelerating, especially when going uphill. Our local mechanic doesn’t know what it is and we haven’t asked our Chrysler dealer, maybe because ignorance is bliss. We travel to Branson a couple of times a year and it is more noticeable there with the hilly terrain. Any ideas?

Could be a small exhaust leak somewhere.


Exhaust leak was my first thought too. Has anyone checked out the exhaust system?

Thank you for the comments about the exhaust system. It sounds logical to me and we haven’t had it checked. My husband says that the noise is a vibration, not a growl. Sounds like it’s growling to me.

Either way, the only way to find it is under the hood or the vehicle.

While checking the exhaust system for leaks and hanger integrity, also check the heat shield above the cat, make sure it hasn’t come loose from its moorings.

Recently we found the problem. It was low on transmission fluid and the torque convertor was making the noise. Our mechanic drained out the fluid and replaced it. He will do that again in a few months. The car runs like new now.

The car was low on trans fluid for two years?

Thanks for coming back and letting us know!

… and than some people say Chrysler products are not reliable ?! :slight_smile:

2 years of abuse and it still works!

I have to confess to a communication gap with my husband. The fluid wasn’t low. They just changed the filter and as much fluid as they could. Anyway, the car no longer makes the noise it had been making for several years. Either he needs to use a few more words to explain things or I need to listen better. Sorry!