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AC weak on '97 Astro van, 6 cyl 4.5L, auto, 135,000 mi

The air conditioning has been weak in this van for several years. I have taken it to several places over the last 5 years to have it recharged, checked for leaks, compressor replaced. Last year the compressor was replaced, I’m not sure if anything else was except that it was confirmed there were no leaks. Worked good through last summer but now I see sweat on the rear ac lines but the pipes to the front accumulator hardly get cool and it takes quite a while to cool the van down. I open doors to let the heat out after work (temp in the 90’s here) and run the front and back AC. Ideas appreciated and cost estimate too. The AC problems are approaching the value of the van. Great van except for AC.

I read some other posts to get ideas. How much effect would there be if the radiator fan didn’t come on? I ask because my engine temperature runs far to the low side and I’m guessing the fan doesn’t run much. I had a water pump replaced on a trip a few years ago and have cleaned pieces out of the thermostat once because the van didn’t produce much heat in the winter. That fixed the heater for a while but I suspect the thermostat is staying open again. Is there much chance of this being the problem? I did spray water from a garden hose on the radiator and AC coils after getting home yesterday (outside temp 95) and the front AC was blowing cold air from the front quickly.