A.C. only works at high RPM's

Ok took it to the shop 300.00 bucks later. A.C. still not working properly they said no leak and they put a new expansion valve in. I’ve checked the diode, the fuses and the relays they are all good. They said that they refilled my system, but it’s still hot, unless I have the car under load. WTF I’m so sick of this to the point that I wanna do 38 therapy on the block!!! Help me before I murder my SUV pleeeaaasssseee?!?!?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::tired_face:

Does the electric radiator fan come on when te AC is turned on?
Are there lots of miles on this 'Nox (you didn’t tell us)? Maybe the compressor is worn out… did the shop suggest that?

I’d suggest you find a better mechanic.

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Figured it out the compressor is about to take a poop so thanks for even answering me.


Ha, asked question on aug 2, answered aug 2. OP responds 3 months later. After posting thoughts of depression. Glad they made it thru the hot summer. It’s nov. probably don’t need ac now. Maybe they do.

Helps the defroster