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AC vacuum pump

Just got a leak in my rear evaporator in 2005 Town and Country. I would like to try and put a vacuum on it and recharge after I replace the evaporator. I would like to find a vacuum pump to vacuum system before recharging. I don’t need to evacuate because the leak will have depressurized the system already by the time I find a pump. I have manifold gages, but I’m looking for recommendations on a pump to buy. I’d like to find one cheap because I will probably only use it 1 to 4 times, but I would like it to work well enough to do the job without cussing it out because it’s a cheap hunk of junk. Any recommendations?

When I worked at Auto Zone about 4 years ago, we had a vacuum pump in our stock of free loaner tools.

This is about as cheap as it gets.


Awesome, I just got off the phone with them and they are available. Glad you thought of it. I usually use their loaner tool program, but didn’t think to check for a pump.