AC vacuum pump

Just got a leak in my rear evaporator in 2005 Town and Country. I would like to try and put a vacuum on it and recharge after I replace the evaporator. I would like to find a vacuum pump to vacuum system before recharging. I don’t need to evacuate because the leak will have depressurized the system already by the time I find a pump. I have manifold gages, but I’m looking for recommendations on a pump to buy. I’d like to find one cheap because I will probably only use it 1 to 4 times, but I would like it to work well enough to do the job without cussing it out because it’s a cheap hunk of junk. Any recommendations?

When I worked at Auto Zone about 4 years ago, we had a vacuum pump in our stock of free loaner tools.

This is about as cheap as it gets.


Awesome, I just got off the phone with them and they are available. Glad you thought of it. I usually use their loaner tool program, but didn’t think to check for a pump.

If you want to keep one around permately, I ordered the whole shebang off amazon for around $130, pump guages adapters oil bag and thermometer, have had it for 2yrs now, have repaired 9 cars and one home ac plus a few times showing the kids how big a marshmellow can grow lol

Thanks for the tip. I’m getting up in the years and am trying not to stock up on seldom used tools. Auto Zone came through. Back on the road.

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