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AC Spark Plugs Played Key Role in NASA's Apollo Program

Sort of interesting. I’d never heard of this moon-rocket/spark plug manufacturer link before.

Interesting article. Back in those days all the car companies had businesses outside automotive in their portfolio. There were lots of good reasons to do that.

All that was shed starting in the 80s as not being part of the “core business” of making cars at the command of armies of MBAs that didn’t seem to understand these businesses provided profit during slow auto sales.

The GM division I worked for built grinders for Sears, a full line of industrial AC motors, and generators for locomotives. Frigidiare was based in my hometown as was the Inland division that invented the ice tray with the built in ice extractor.

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Reminded me of this Seinfeld routine-

And I thought it had to do with the spark-plugs for all the Corvettes the astronauts drove.