AC ON 95 4-Runner V-6


I have the AC on at low. White cool smoke comes out of the vent. When I put it on medium or high, the smoke disappears. Does this mean I am out of refrigerant?


No it means it is a hot day and the humidity is high. It is normal. On high it just does not show up.


“That just means the supply register temperature is below the wet bulb temperature of the ambient air.”

What does this mean?? There is no wet bulb sensor in this application.

Off base again star.


It could be that the refrigerant charge could be just a tad low and the evaporator temp is too cold due to the low side pressure being too low. On low speed the air is moving slowly over the evaporator coil and if the temp is low enough it will freeze the moisture in the air.

A set of gauges could determine this. The main thing is that you don’t have an oily film on the windshield as that could mean a microscopic pinhole in the heater core.
Heater cores are usually cheap, but labor intensive.

Also, as per the usual, ignore Star882’s posts and his A/C advice. Offbase is putting it mildly.


what Star was trying to say is the air temperature coming out of the vents is below dew point making fog.


STARs advice is not applicable in automotive A/C.

He gives out false and misleading information about A/C.

The information he gives out is for industrial or stationary units. The cooling principles are the same but there are huge differences in equipment applications and control circuits. His advice MIGHT be readily accepted if he found the proper board to give advice on. BUT…I still doubt he has the knowledge and experience to give out advice on this subject on any board.

Willey… logged off again.


Star is always offbase here. It was only a few weeks ago that he was advising someone to use R410a in an automotive A/C.

410a is for central units and has dramatically higher pressures (40% or more), so what is going to happen when some novice as a DIY project starts adding this stuff to hoses and seals on a 10 year old, or older, car?
Talk about playing on the railroad tracks.