A/C Smoking


I have a 96 Toyota Camry that usually runs nearly “perfect”. I had a cracked compressor last summer and had it repaired. Towards the end of the winter I noticed that my once normally very hot heater was barely blowing out warm air. And then today, when it finally starts to get a little warm in Kansas, my a/c began blowing smoke. It was working fine, it got a little chilly on the way to work so I turned it off for a little while, and then when I turned it back on, smoking began blowing out of it. The smoke didn’t have a smell and if it hadn’t of filled my car up, I never would have noticed it. I turned it off again and waited til I got to work to see if it would do it again, and it was still blowing out smoke.

Also, if anyone has any idea about how much money I’m lookin at here…that would be immensely helpful.


I’ve seen this often. If I am lucky and weather conditions are right I can get my own car’s A/C to “blow smoke.”

This isn’t smoke. It’s condensed water vapor, the same as in your breath on a cold day. It occurs any time that warm, moist air meets chilled air. When your car’s A/C does it you can be assured that the A/C system is working correctly. It’s a good sign.


Ok, well this is good. I went out on my break to check to see if it was still blowing out smoke and there was nothing. I will be better able to determine if there is still a problem when I take my lunch break.


Listen to SteveF; he is correct. Star knows nothing about automotive A/C so ignore that.


Under some conditions a normally-operating AC system can put out a little vapor. You say that the smoke ?filled up? your car. That is a lot of vapor. You also mentioned that your heater did not work. Have you checked your coolant level? I suspect that you have a heater core leak.