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AC oiling

So I’m half way through replacing the compressor on my 04 CRV. First, what a total PITA job, many times harder then it could be. I plan on pulling the lines, and evaporator to flush them. My question is where do I put the new oil. I remember reading that some goes in different parts of the system. Also does any one know how much oil goes into the system. I think it 4.x oz but want to confirm. I assume it can’t all go into the compressor??? thanks

I think if you buy refrigerant that contains oil, you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

the parts store that sold you the parts could tell you that info. also look under the hood should be a sticker with the info for =charging the ac system in yiour car. also witch type of oil pag 100 or pag 150 or what ever its needs our

Compressor…4 1/3 oz
Condenser…1 1/3 oz
Evaporator…1 oz
Drier…1 oz
Hose Assembly.1/3 oz


Usually the compressor has a tag attached with instructions to pour up to 1/2 the system capacity into the low side port on the compressor and prior to starting the engine manually turn the compressor shaft several full revolutions.

September is only 2 weeks away…Worry about it next year…

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