Proper Refrigerant Oil for My Car?

I have a 1998 Honda Civic DX. I am preparing to replace the a/c compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, and one of the pipes (it’s bent).

I just need to know what type of refrigerant oil I need to buy and apply to the various o-rings. PAG oil or ester oil? Any PAG oil? All my parts are non OEM/ aftermarket.

By the way, my mechanic will add refrigerant and subsequently charge the a/c system.

I think the compressor will come pre-charged with oil… As for the external parts, “O” rings, a TINY amount of fine grease, Vaseline, rubbed on your fingers then rubbed on the rings should be fine…Just enough to coat them and make them slippery, not enough to migrate into the fitting…

Have you resolved the need to flush the system??

Hey thanks.

Flushing the system? Definitely. My mechanic will also do that. Some people told me to do it at home, but I don’t have a compressed air gun/system, at home.

As for the refrigerant oil coming with the a/c compressor. The Internet site I purchased it from does not indicate whether it will be shipped with refrigerant oil. Very frustrating.

I suspect the compressor will be labeled as to it’s oil charge when you get it…

Right. I can check when it arrives tomorrow. If the a/c compressor comes with refrigerant oil, then I suppose I should use that oil on all the o-rings in the a/c system?