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AC (not dash) lights flickering?

Chevy hhr, 2006. The lights that are in the a.c. buttons and knobs are flickering in unison. The dash lights are not flickering. The lights in the rearview mirror are not flickeri,g. I do not think that the headlights are flickering.

Anyone know what this is?

Two more things. When I got the car a few months ago until now, the radio dial doesn’t light up. Also, there are a couple recall repairs I need to have done: replace ignition key, switch, and lock cylinder.

A blinking A/C light is never good news. Its telling you that you should service the a/c system because its either low on refrigerant or the system has a problem somewhere. See a good independant mechanic for this

Why would you not have availed yourself of free recall repairs?
When you consider the known problems that are associated with GM’s ignition switch failures, I think you should make those recall-related repairs a high priority.

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What does the owners manual say about the flashing lights on the HVAC controls?

Our 2007 Town and Country doesn’t let the system run on the combination of defrost and recirculate: when you set it that way, the lights flash for a few seconds and then the recirc function reverts to fresh air.

Call a Chevy dealer, give them your VIN, and ask what open recalls there are on your HHR. Then make an appointment to have them fixed. You might ask them to look at the AC when the car is in the shop.

If the other dials on the dashboard remain illuminated (when headlights are on), that’s probably a broken light bulb inside the radio. If however all the dials on the dashboard are dark, make sure the dash control for dial illumination isn’t turned all the way down. As posted above, the AC buttons flashing means there’s something wrong w/the AC. There are probably diagnostic codes posted, but may require specialized scan tool equipment to see what they are.

For the 06 HHR w/2.2L, I’m seeing these recalls affecting these

Engine control module, key codes, power steering, on-star, head impact protection, unable to remove ignition key, ww motor, ignition switch, ignition lock cylinder, dash storage bin, leather seat cover kit.