AC not cold

Compressor works. When gauge is on no movement on left but numbers look normal on right. Diagnosis by tech is something in line clogging. Suggests changing all for $400. Can dryer or line change change alone help? Help!!!

I’m disinclined to try to second guess the tech that checked it out on this one.

By the way, how old is this Nova? How many miles?

This is odd as the "gague on the left (the low side) should be moving in about a 12psi range. Cloggs are very rare (I have only seen them at orfice tubes) and if not total will cause a "metering point to be formed and potentialy develope ice.

For any kind of a guess at what the problem may be you really need to post both the high and low pressures and what approximate RPM these pressures are taken at.

If something is allegedly clogging (an orifice tube maybe, but not a line) then how can the pressure on the right (high side) look normal?


What if it was a JiffyLube tech? Still no second guess?

I would get a second opinion before I laid out $400 on the basis of what sounds like a guess. But that’s just me.

The beauty is an 88 5-speed with 178K. Over the years replaced struts, brakes, headliner, and tires. Never has left anyone stranded.