AC mode motor assembly grease?

I bought a new ac mode motor for my car and old one didn’t have any grease on it like the new one and I saw a video, apparently it is supposed to have some grease in the grooves that move the vents.

I was wondering what type of grease I am supposed to put on there. I am suspecting old one also failed because there was too much friction cause no grease.

You’re overanalyzing this . . .

It didn’t fail due to lack of grease

Are you talking about one of those actuators that bolt onto the hvac plenum and move the doors inside to direct air flow?

If so, I wouldn’t grease the actual actuator. Grease the rod, track, or whatever the motor moves if you want. I’d assume any grease would suffice for that.

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Looks like this and those grooves move some kind of rod basically which moves the vents.

I got some answers from other forums. They said lithium grease and some random other greases but the video I watched also said lithium so I guess I will go with lithium.

For use on plastics I prefer silicone paste or Sil-Glyde.