AC actuator, vent positioning?

When I took my car for general inspection to see what was happening with everything I asked my mechanic if he could also check my vents being stuck on dashboard position. I am talking about vent positions like front, down, both and defrost windshield.

He said AC actuator doesn’t work. I looked it up planning to change it myself and it looks like ac actuator has nothing to do with fan vent positioning. Maybe I got wrong information so that is why I am here. I hope someone could help me out here. Car is 09 civic.

He is referring to the HVAC mode door actuator. It is located under the dash. It is a motor that directs a door to different positions which directs air flow to the requested vents. Usually when this malfunctions the problem is found in the actuator motor itself or wiring and connections or a faulty head unit.


Its not a/c door actuator, it’s mode door actuator.

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