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AC Maintenance

Last week during stop & go traffic, the air-conditioning light in our 2003 Toyota 4Runner started blinking and the fans began blowing hot air, the first and only occurance. Since then, the air-conditioning has been working normally with cold air and no blinking light. The driver’s manual says that the air-conditioning is not working and we should take it to a mechanic. We are inclined not to take our car to a mechanic until the air-conditioning is not working correctly on a regular basis but are concerned that we may inflict additional damage to the system. Is it important to get this fixed right away or can we put off AC maintenance?

I would at least take it in to a good AC shop and have the system tested. It’s probably something simple and spending a little now will probably save you a lot in the long run. Something triggered the “blinking” light so don’t ignore it and simply go on your way.

I agree with missileman. Do it now and you could save some money. Find a real A/C shop if possible, not a chain. You local independent mechanic, may be able to handle it. Not all do.

It may be as simple as a slipping belt.

Thanks for the great responses…I’ll make an appointment today to have it looked at.