AC low pressure port doesnt fit freon hose

I know I’m using the right port. I am not using the high pressure port. And I can not for the life of me fit the hose onto the low pressure port to charge my ac. I pressed the cap down and tried to fit it on the low pressure, I’m doing everything right, and I cant figure out why it wont fit. If I press it down while holding down the lever on the hose I will hear pressure escaping from the port but it wont attach.

So what is your question?

I’d make a wild guess that your fitting is incorrect or stripped but I can’t see it from here.

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My question is how do I get the hose connected if it wont fit. I need to recharge the AC but it wont fit.

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I know its the right fitting. Idk how to tell if its stripped. I dont see how something like this could strip.

Show an image of the hose you’re trying to connect.


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Pull back on the outer ring while pushing the coupling on to the fitting.
I don’t think it is possible to strip a coupling.

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What year is this Impala?

It doesn’t matter what year it is.

That’s a R134a refrigerant fitting.


Right. I didn’t open the picture.

I’ve seen some charging can hoses and even some cheap A/C gauge sets that would not fit 134 fittings no matter what. If it won’t fit then it has to be a matter of poor construction of the hose fitting or you are not holding your mouth right. It’s not stripped.

Pressure escaping from the port on the car or pressure escaping from the can of refrigerant? You do know this kind of thing comes with the potential for serious injury; right? No goggles could leave you blind if things go wrong quickly.

Turn the button at the top of the fitting counterclockwise a few turns and then attempt to push in that button and attach it.

I had same problem. I had the low pressure port and followed all of the steps, but could not quite get the hose coupler to latch on no matter how much I fiddled with it. Not all couplers are created equal apparently. Mine was a cheap one I had for a couple of years. I bought a new one with a quick connect and it snapped on instantly.

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I’d make a wild guess and say there’s no such thing as a stripped fitting.

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Exactly. Buy a new hose.