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AC door actuator replacement

Hello there,
I’ve Trailbalzer 2007, I’ve the same problem above, tried to follow the reset prociedure but it didn’t work, now I need to replace the actuator, it’s the one of the middle of the three on the driver’s side, the problem is I couldn’t reach it from below the steering wheel, do you have a video showing how to reach it?

Duplicate post… duplicate answer. Check YouTube

I did, this how I diagnosed the fault and identified the part, but couldn’t find a way to reach it, this is why I’m seeking help

So you went to YouTube for the diagnosis but not to see how to replace it? I found several.

Come on man, I did see all the videos related to this issue, I followed along, what I’m saying here that I did not find the same space as in the video, they don’t show how to clear the area to reach the part.
after all don’t trouble yourself just ignore the post, if you don’t have something to help with.

I don’t know what you think this site is but no you can not request videos here.

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It isn’t appropriate to insult someone who is trying to help you.

I notice it has taken you 4 posts on two different threads to fully explain your issue and what you’ve tried. Given your difficulty, maybe you should just take the SUV into an actual mechanic to get it fixed.


Thank you for your help, and apologize for any inconvenience.

Who the hell died, and made you boss of this board?



Thank you sir.