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AC cuts off while idling

My daughter says that the AC on her 2001 Chevy Cavalier cuts off when she is idling. Any ideas as to why?

Low freon pressure.

I had a truck that would lose some during the winter when the cold temps would shrink the seals.

Thanks, didn’t even think of something so simple. Car otherwise runs fine.

There are many different levels of service facilities that will give you a report on your AC system. Just say “since warmer weather is comming I want it checked out”. When you get the report,say something like “gotta run this by the Mrs. as she controls the money”. The mechanic will get his .3 or so for checking it out and you will get an “eyes on” report.

Watch the temperature gauge. If the engine temp is rising as the AC gets warm the radiator/condenser fan may be failing. Of just open the hood and watch the fan with the engine running and the AC on. The fan should be operating.