AC Compressor does not kick in for the first 5 min


I have a 2003 Grand Marquis with about KM 150,000. About 1 month ago when I start my car on the morning and switch on the AC I only get hot/normal air coming out instead of the cold air… This goes on for about 5 min until I hear the click of the compressor and then cold air start coming out normally. I assume that for the first 5 min power does not go to the compressor but not sure how I can check it? Do you have clue about this problem?


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Is your check engine light on? Some engine problems will cause the computer to disable A/C until they clear. Alternately, your AC clutch may be failing.

Has the vehicle had any type of AC service in its entire life? system pressures with an eye towards low charge is in order. The AC system by design has a built in leak figure, it is not designed to never need recharge.

Pressure check with a good visual inspection (check out that clutch and electrical connector)is in order