2005 Nissan Armada - AC issue

hello whenever i turn the AC on the car starts cutting off fuel and enjine stops had to wait for about 10 min and then starts again then another 2 km and then same again what can it be? if the AC is off there is no prob like in winter i dont face that kind of prob only in the summer
thanks for responding

The ac compressor takes about half a dozen hp to run and your engine isn’t compensating. Try cleaning the throttle body for starters.

I already cleaned it but problem still . Can it be the pomp???

I"m not a mechanic but if you mean the ac compressor I doubt it. My next step would be to check for a vacuum leak.


If the compressor is failing, it could indeed be dragging down the engine so it won’t idle. Have a mechanic give it a look. You could ignore it as we enter fall, but the defroster runs the compressor as well so that’s likely not an option.

The vehicle is 15 years old and it could be that the air compressor is trying to seize up. Over time comes refrigerant loss and with that refrigerant loss comes refrigerant oil loss.

Might not be a bad idea to have the A/C gauges hooked up to check pressures and maybe add a bit of oil to the system. Lack of oil can lead to catastrophic compressor failure.
Another possibility is that maybe compressor clutch bearing is failing although in cases like this there will be some noise associated with it.