2003 Crown Victoria Air Conditioner won't come on for 5 minutes

Purchased a 2003 Police Interceptor. Air conditioner compressor will not come on during the first 10 minutes, then works fine. Any Ideas on why and what might need to be fixed. Any ideas will be appreciated!

Have you tried recharging the system? There are these small cylinders you can get that allow you to recharge your system. More importantly, they have indicators on them that could tell you whether the system is low.

I agree. Sounds like you are a little low on Freon…As the engine warms up the system pressure rises to the point the compressor kicks in. But adding a can of refrigerant on a guess can result in an over-charged system which is just as bad…I would have a pro hook up the gauges and check your system…

If you go the DIY route, the values on the little can gauges are only to be interpreted while the compressor is engaged.