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AC Blows Hot Air when in Motion

Hi Everyone, Let me first thank you all for any info relating to this post as I am NOT a mechanic at all. I know the basics but that’s about it.
I own a 2002 Chrysler Sebring. The AC has been properly charged but a few weeks ago I noticed a problem that is now constant.
My AC works great until I start moving the vehicle at which point the vehicle starts to blow hot air.
Can anyone help with fixing this issue?

Thank you again

Since you had to charge the a/c with refrigerant, one can assume you have a leak somewhere. How bad… who knows. Maybe a pin hole leak and the charge lasts a season or two or a larger leak all of a sudden and you lost refrigerants again.

You should:

  • Have the refrigerant pressure checked again
  • Make sure the condenser/radiator fan is running when the a/c is on. If your car has two fans, both must run
  • Check for debris in front of the condenser
  • If you have a cabin air filter make sure it is clean
  • The evaporator maybe dirty and needs cleaning