AC and heat for 98 Chrysler Cirrus

When I am driving down the road in my 98 Cirrus the AC will go from cold to a warm moist air, then go back to cold. It may do this continually for a day, or go for days with no issue. Then in the winter when I’m using my heat, if I’m stopping at a light or stop sign and the car is just idling, the heat will go from warm to cool, then warm again once I pull off. Are these issues related?? Any suggestions on things to look at for a repair?

14 year olds are always tempermental.

Seriously, the issues may not be related. My guess is that the AC system has leaked out just about all of its refridgerant, and also that either your engin coolant is low or your thermostat is sticking…or both.

The cooling system (which provides your heat in the winter) should be looked into immediately. Failure to correct this could cost you your engine.

The AC system will probably cost. It needs to be looked at by a shop that does AC work. But the good noews is that it isn’t crutial. A failed AC system will not ruin your car. Only your temperment.

Now go get that cooling system looked at…PRONTO.

I think you have at least two separate problems, like mountainbike said. If your A/C gets nice and cold on hot days and just cuts out randomly, I don’t think it’s low on refrigerant though–I think you may have a faulty sensor or other electrical control, possibly the ‘clutch cycling switch.’

For the heat cutting out while you’re idling, then warming back up when you accelerate, if I’m understanding you, these are classic symptoms of being low on coolant. When was the last time you checked your coolant or had it changed? It is critical that you get this looked at soon. Note that the refrigerant which is used in the A/C system (which is “R134a”) and engine coolant (which is made up of antifreeze and water) are not the same thing. They are two separate substances in two separate systems.