ABS warning 2005 subaru legacy wagon


My 2005 subaru legacy wagon has popped up with the ABS warning light and the speedo shows err 55. Im 2hours from a dealer and wonder if anyone knows anything whic can be done by myself or a local garage to correct this? thanks rar


Some it could be low break fluid, but just sometimes. I have also seen dust ont the ABS sensors causing this and a good air hose around the brakes might fix it. Don’t think your brakes will fail, but anti lock system is what not working.


I have had this exact problem while spinning tires in the snow. It set off the ABS and err 55(means Speed Sensor) and possibly your cruise is flashing.

If you go through 4-5 drive cycles(eg on-off and driving a bit) the lights will likely all go off.

If not go to the dealer as your likely under warranty for this if <36,000 miles and vehicle is less than 3 years old.


Thanks very much will clean it up and if no success trek to the dealer