ABS Ruined By Blowout

We had a tire blowout on our 2005 Accord. We drove a mile to our service station and they said the blowout ruined the ABS system so we had to pay hundreds for a new tire and new system. The ABS light was on. There’s nothing in the manual warning about this. Can we ask Honda to pay for the repair?

I can maybe understand in a blowout that the tire came apart and a chunk of this tire was able to get to the sensor and maybe brake it, but not the entire system.

I don’t think Honda will even consider that.

I agree, the whole system can not possibly be ruined. The sensor at the wheel was likely destroyed, but that is not difficult to remedy. Honda isn’t going to pay for anything, maybe try your insurance company.

“we had to pay hundreds for a new tire and new system”

Something doesn’t add up here.
“Hundreds” would buy you a new tire, a new wheel sensor, and some labor. “Hundreds” would NOT buy you “a new system”.

Either you have been royally scammed, or you misunderstood what type of work was being done on the car. How about posting the exact wording from the repair invoice?

And, please be aware that, on a car that is at least 4 years old, Honda had no responsibility for your blown tire or for damages resulting from a blow-out. Honda did not manufacture the tires that were supplied when your car was delivered 4 years ago.

Normally, the ABS monitors the speed of all four wheels relative to one another and if it detects one that has stopped spinning, it pulsates the brake to that wheel via the hydralic line to that wheel. If it detects one wheel spinning much faster for a specified time longer than a normall turn, it may interpret this as a malfunction. It may have just needed to be reset.

Nice try but they aren’t going to pay for repairs. I think the owners manual would tell you to check tire condition and so on and stop immediately if you have a flat. Even if they didn’t say anything, they aren’t going to pay for repairs unless it is under warrenty.

I have no idea what the logic of that would even be. All sorts of things can happen if a tire blows out - do you suppose that a manual would list all of the possible consequences of a blow out? Or are you trying to imply that if the manual had alerted you to this potential issue that somehow would have avoided a blow out?

And as another poster mentioned “hundreds” is closer to perhaps a new sensor and tire - not a new “system.” A new ABS system would likely cost as much as the car is worth. It is possible that it included a tire, a speed sensor - and a new axle - since the axle (I believe) carries the wheel speed sensor ring.

Sorry - but I don’t get it. This has nothing at all to do with Honda. Its called an “accident” - and depending on why your tire blew out, you might even be the negligent one. (Unless there is some significant part of the story missing).

They did not Replace the abs for hundreds of dollars. They did clean you out a bit. Honda does not warranty this at all. The abs light was in response initially to the reduced diameter of the blown tire and that would set a code. That code can be reset. If the reset failed then they likely had to replace a few parts. The ABS system would cost at least $2000 for a dealer replacement.