Cadillac CTS Brake Failure at Slow Speeds

At slow speeds (parking lot), especially when turning, the brakes do not work when depressed. Last time I rolled into the car in front of me in a parking lot but obviously this could be much worse.

Have talked to the dealer who have now replaced the wheel bearing/hub/speed sensor 4 times. They don’t get any other codes. They recommended a 5th time but with pressure from us (why is the same part failing?) now are saying this is the computer instead.

This problem began before the car hit 20K miles.

Anyone else with a similar issue? Any suggestions appreciated. GM knows but doesn’t seem to have an answer nor much interest in finding one.

What year CTS? The car must stop without help from the computer. Does the pedal go to the floor?

A little more detail maybe. Is the pedal soft, hard, go to the floor, vibrate like the ABS is activated etc? Can’t see any way the hub would have anything to do with it. I’d be checking for a vacume problem.

The hub was previously replaced because that’s what the code said and for noise. The brake pedal in these situations feels soft and vibrates like ABS is activated but does not stop. I think that’s why the dealer was saying the speed sensor in the hub was an issue last time around. This time he is getting a code that says the computer needs replacing.

This is a 2004 CTS. Interestingly, there is a new recall for CTS’s from that year from certain parts of the country re: brake system that I found while Googling for answers. The car was originally purchased in IL (which the recall is part of) but they are saying it has nothing to do with the problems we’re seeing. ( … I don’t know enough to know if that makes sense.

Thank you for all your help!!! Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.

I would pull the ABS fuse and live without it…I bet the brakes work fine with that system disabled…Or you can keep shoveling money into it…

I have experienced this several times when driving GM vehicles at work. G30 van chassis and Suburbans. It happens when making normal (not hard) stops at slow speed (less than 15 mph). The abs buzzes and the vehicle goes much farther before stopping than it should. These stops are too gentle to lock a wheel and should not deploy the abs but once it starts buzzing , stepping harder on the brake does no good. Our shop usually replaces the front calipers and wheel speed sensors and that seems to stop it for about a year. If they were my vehicles I would pull the fuse too.