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ABS Lights & Brake Lights flicker

My brake light along with my ABS light comes on and then goes off randomly. I have also begun to lose my radio, both sound and display. Any suggestions?

The majority of electrical problems I’ve run into is a result of tarnish or “dirty coating” on electrical contacts…e.i., it isn’t necessarily pbad electrical components, but could likely be the connections between the components. Usually just unplugging and plugging a connection about 10 times is enough to scruff up the contacts and get a good connection again.

I’m not sure where the culprit is, but I’d start with the obvious ones…
battery terminals

(disconnect the battery before fiddling with the ones below)
fuse box master plug (might have 10-20 pins or more, one or more plugs)
any master plugs I see below the dash

Heh Thanks,
I will start there and see what happens!

The very first thing I’d do is check the brake fluid level. It could just be low on fluid and the brake lights come on and off as it sloshes around in the reservior. Although in this case the radio problem would be unrelated.