ABS light

I have a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX with ABS light on. Took it to mechanic he could not pull code from it or reset it. What are my options.

When you first turn the ignition key on (before start) does the dash (warning systems) light for the ABS come on then go off? The one for the brake should do the same.

When you push firmly down on the brake pedal (to stop) is there any pulsing to the pedal?

Even if the ABS doesn’t work, you will still have brakes.

I’m curious as to why there are no codes.

The ECBM (Electronic Brake Control Module) monitors the ABS system and stores codes, so the module may not be operating properly.

Yes the light flashes twice goes out then comes back on. There is no pulsing of the pedal. The mechanic says he can’t pull any code or reset it.

No pulsing means there is no ABS system working.

Get you mech to check out the module.