ABS Light On


The ABS dashboard warning light is lit in our 2000 Volvo S70 GLT SE. Am I putting my family in danger by not seeing about it?



If you can pulse the brakes as many times per minute as the ABS system can, then you are not putting your family in danger. If you cannot do this (Hint: You can’t), then you are exposing your family to potential safety issues.

When the ABS system is disabled, you can still stop very effectively on a dry surface. Unfortunately, wet braking will suffer and you will also be unable to steer around obstacles while engaging in panic braking without an ABS system. (When brakes are locked in a panic stop, your steering will not respond.)

Only you can decide if this is a priority.


The good news is that it’s probably just a bad wheel speed sensor and shouldn’t break the bank to repair.

While I personally think ABS is overrated, I strongly believe any indication of a problem of any kind with a braking system should receive immediate attention. Any potential compromise to a braking system’s efficiency is a compromise in safety.


The ABS module has detected a problem, and has turned off the ABS system. The regular brakes will still work as normal, but the ABS system will NOT kick in if a wheel should lock up. Get the system checked, and the trouble code will tell them what the problem is.