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ABS light - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My ABS light comes on when cornering or going down hill can you help?

Have the ABS codes read by a shop with the enhanced type code readers that cost more than $100. I suspect one of the wheel speed sensors is starting to fail OR one of the wheel bearings is starting to fail and the looseness is throwing off the sensor. Either way it should be easy to diagnose if you can take the mechanic for a ride and trigger the ABS light on the ride.

You have a warranty have the dealer fix it.


Can this person actually have a 2019 Jeep ? I don’t know of any for sale in my area.

Fooling around with one’s own repairs–or repairs done by an indy mechanic–rather than having the dealership work on this fully-warrantied car puts the car owner in danger of having at least a portion of his warranty voided.

Why would somebody pay for repairs that would be free of charge–and free of warranty-related issues–if only he went to an authorized dealership?