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ABS Fault

I was trying to get up a hill that had iced over and was gassing it. I noticed my speedometer was going from 65 mph to 25 mph over and over and then my ABS light came on and the LCD says ABS Fault. Should I unplug the battery to reset the computer and see if it comes on again? Or will that mess up the computer?

The abs light came on for a reason. I’ve had two cars each with $500 brake jobs on the rear because of over use of the traction control which uses the brakes and abs system in part. I’d have it checked as you might have traction control/stability which can easily over work the brakes going up a steep hill on ice as much as going down. Unplugging the battery should not cause a problem with a reset (cars do occasionally have to have a battery change) but I would have the system checked regardless.

Will it be safe to drive or will I need a tow? I coasted back down the hill and into my driveway and parked it.

I’d check the brake fluid level first. Way down means the pads are badly worn from the episode. Beyond that, in a forum, I’d never advice driving a car with brake warning light on. A tow is cheap insurance unless you have a mechanic friend with the right test equipment and knowledge you can trust. Taking a chance with the brakes is a no no…