Abs/eps/bas waring lights come on and goes away


I have a 2001 Mercedes E class, 4Matic. Over the last 7 years the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)/EPS (Electronic Stability Program)/BAS (Braking Assist Program) warning light comes on and when I stop the car and start again, the light goes away. When this light comes on, only thing I noticed is the cruise control does not work, otherwise, no other problem. I took it to the service station one time, but that light did not come on and they did not do anything.
The car has 105,000 miles. Now, when the light comes on it stays on longer and sometimes, I have turn the car on and off several times before light will go away.
I am afraid to take it to the Mercedes dealer, as they might find a problem when no problem is there.
Please let me know whether this is just glitch in the software or there is a real problem.
Than you very much.

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I worked at a Benz dealer for many years and am very familiar with your car

Here are the 2 most common ABS/ESP problems for your car

Stop lamp switch

Steering angle sensor

FWIW I doubt very much tat the service station will even be able to retrieve any stored ABS/ESP codes from your car.

Most cheapo code readers/scanners will not retrieve ABS/ESP codes, especially not from a european car.