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ABS Brakes Pulsing

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. When coming to a stop, the last few feet the ABS brakes pulsate. The light is not on or does it come on at anytime. Any ideas.


Pulsating is what ABS does when it’s working properly ( so no warning light )to avoid locking up the wheels. Now, why are the wheels attempting lock up under normal conditions ? Check the pads and rotors, front and back, to see if one of them is worn too much or otherwise grabbing .

It could be as simple that he’s driving too fast.

true, and in the last few feet has to tromp a little harder to stop on the line.

I wish that is all it was.I do know how ABS brakes work. It is under dry conditions, and you do not have to stop fast or press hard. I have replaced the front brakes with rotors and pads. And I used good rotors and pads not the ones you can see through.

Ford dealer tech advises; sometimes a sensor malfunction will not turn on warning light but scan for codes ( while driving ) and you might find that one sensor is not communicating properly. check plugs and connections also.

Could simply be warped rotors. The rotors on my '97 Explorer warped rather easily.