ABS affected by dead battery?

I’ve read most of the Q&As about ABS brakes. My system went on strike and the light came on right after the battery went dead and was changed. There was a lot of clicking noise while I was trying to turn over the vehicle with the old battery still in it – I took it for starter motor sounds but could it have been ABS solenoids burning out? I have sprayed a cleaner fluid around the wheel sensor connections, which did not appear too dirty or to be damaged, and then disconnected the new battery for a few minutes to see if it would re-set. No luck – ABS light is still a constant companion as long as the engine stays on. Anyone have any other suggestions before I take it in to the brake shop to scan for codes? Thank you.

Take the vehicle somewhere and have the ABS computer scanned. Then you’ll know where the problem is.

By the way, as long as the ABS warning light is on the ABS system will NOT function. You have brakes, but the anti-lock function is disabled when the light is on.

Dead batteries affect everything.

When my alternator went out on my Honda, it turned on the ABS light. On your car, the alternator may not be charging properly; or, the signal wire from the alternator to the ABS may be carrying lowered voltage.