2002 Toyota Camry Solara

Here?s the skinny. My wife and I want to get one of those SeaDoo Sportster Boats. The weight of the boat is right at 2100 pounds. Y?all think we?d be able to use my Solara to tow it? I am planning on getting a hitch as well as a transmission cooler installed. We would not be towing it that far or that often (10-15 miles once or twice a week). The lake is pretty close. I?m fairly certain the car would not have any problems actually towing the boat, but I am slightly concerned about taking it out of the water. I don?t want to be that guy at the boat dock who is spinning his tires trying to get the boat out of the water. The Solara is front-wheel drive by the way. Oh, and it only has 40k miles on it, so it?s in great shape.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance! -G

Oh, the car’s a V6 by the way.