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He might want to re-think his approach

…to launching his boat…



That’s funny.

I once saw a boat/trailer come loose from a truck at the top of a ramp and take off like a rocket into the water. The trailer stayed attached and the guy had to swim out and start the motor to get it back to shore with the trailer and all. It was a hoot but not as good as dunking the entire truck.

Yep, there’s left and right, up and down, north and south, front and back, etc. but some people get them confused.

Good advertisement for using the parking brake before you turn around and launch the boat.

maybe he was trying to launch his truck


After looking through another thread here, about the merits of R12 and R134 in air conditioning, and developing an understanding of people who really want to go back to the old way of doing things, I figured out the driver of this truck and boat rig was just trying to cool off an overheated engine the old fashioned way - in good old H2O. And, by golly, it worked! See? If it was good enough for my great-grandpa and his horse, it’s good enough for me.



I recall Tom and Ray had a caller one time who had a similar problem. Don’t remember the details, but it involved a truck and boat , and what to do when you see the truck inching towards the water down a boat ramp.

Thanks VDC, that was a good one. :joy: