Aargh. Damn mice

Yeah, it’s been covered before, but this year mice decided to nest in my shed-stored snow blower, locking up the drive belt. Then today I brought in the outside-stored Ranger for its normal service, and got a call that the farking rodents took up residence in my air filter. I guess I have to make some sort of mothball can to hang under the hood. Just venting, guys. Rant over.

You got mice in your shed ? At least there, it’s the perfect place to put DeCon. Keep the door closed so only mice can enter and leave…it WORKS and killing or trapping is the only thing that consistently works.
As far as the Ranger is concerned, peanut butter laced rat traps placed under the car works for me. If you can get the car in a garage and keep the door closed…it’s DeCon time there.

Skew the mothball idea. Even if it worked, it would just drive then somewhere else and possibly be more of a problem.

Had a mouse running around inside my T’bird when I took it out for a mid winter run. Caught it with a “sticky” trap. Saw some evidence of mice on the top of the motor and caught another mouse with a snap trap baited with peanut butter. Now I have a snap trap under the car as it sits in the driveway. When you don’t use a car daily these critters can be a problem. No evidence of damage on the T’bird, but I sure hope they didn’t eat into any of the wiring.

Home Depot has a product called “critter ridder” that’s designed to repel rhodents. It comes as a spray and in pellet form. It allegedly irritates critters’ skin on contact and they won’t return. I haven’t tried it, but it’s worth a shot.

I agree that some of these repellants work and work well. But, I would like to add if you don’t provide an alternative, they may create a greater problem elsewhere. I drove them out from under my pontoon boat cover one year to my car wiring in the garage. I have since adopted the “kill” the rodent philosophy.

I practice what Uncle suggests but might add that bigger squirrels “walked away” with a couple of traps. Be prepared with extras or staking them down.

I have a great mouse control system in my house! His name is Bear.