A604Transmission rebuild (40TE)

I am getting a transmission rebuilt, specifically the Chrysler A604 (40TE) in a vocational class. The instructor has given me a list of parts that includes a bushing kit, output gear bearing, 2-4 clutch piston, thrust washer/bearing kit, rear planetary, sun gear, ring gear, front planetary, 2-4 hub w/sun gear, overdrive hub, underdrive hub, input clutch retainer, and cooler line fitting. I know nothing about a transmission’s inner workings, but can rebuild a motor decently. I have found a used complete planetary set with all the washers, bearings, and snap rings which, I am told will take care of the gears/hubs and planets. Will this also take care of the needed thrust washers and thrust bearings? And can anybody tell me what an input clutch retainer is? I haven’t been too successful in finding one. Also, what is the output gear bearing? Is a 2-4 clutch piston the same as a 2-4 bonded rubber piston? I know that’s alot of questions, but as I said, I know nothing of a transmission inners. I already have a new torque convertor and a master rebuild kit that says it comes with all the “necessary snap rings and pistons”, so will this also have any other parts I may be missing? Thanks in advance.

I’ll bump you to the top of list. Hopefully, transman618 is patrolling and will respond.