A word to the wise about 2011 Honda Odyssey

Not a Question but FYI - Shortly after purchasing our used 2011 Odyssey (6 mos. ago),(w/42K miles on it), the previous owner sent me a recall notice he had just received from Honda with reference to the transmission shuddering at lower speeds - Ours hasn’t done this yet and now I’m unable to find that darnn recall notice number online ?
It indicated one had to take the car in to dealer and get the transmission re-programmed !! Also I have not received that notice from Honda either ? In the meantime I suggest getting the transmission fluid and filter changed at a more often rate than recommended - Not flushed out - Don’t stir crap up in there ; Just change it !!

OK, why have you not just gone by a Honda dealer and they can look up your VIN and then you will have actual knowledge .