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Transmission problems

i have a 00 honda odyssey that shifts bad and slips between gears changed selinoids (a) and (b)/linear selinoid assy/shift selinoid assy/and speed sensor pick up changed fluid /erased code and van still the same have almost 600.00 in parts would someone there have a answer for me
Check out this link. Seems there was a recall, but it also definitely seems that Honda dealerships have resisted performing repairs or replacement by any means possible.

Those transmissions were highly trouble-prone. My guess is that that changing some of its parts probably won’t do you much good & the whole thing just needs to be overhauled.

The stuff you mentioned is very unlikely to do anything to remedy slipping. Slipping is just slipping and new clutches (i.e. rebuilt it) are pretty much it.

What made you throw $600.00 in electronics into this transmission?? What code did the computer set??


a p0730 code kept popping up

I Did Some Checking And See That Honda Extended The Automatic Transmission Warranty In The 1999-2001 Odyssey To 93 Months (7 Years And 9 Months) Or 109,000 Miles.

Although helpful to some folks, that 93 month ship has sailed and I don’t see a recall. I guess Honda figures that once the car tops a hundred and nine thousand or is 8 years old then it’s not their problem whether it’s defective or not.

Maybe Willie could appeal his case to Honda, especially if this car has less than 109,000 miles on it.


I’ve been appealing my case with Honda and I have 90K miles on my 2001. No Deal. They told me to call my state’s attorney general’s office and file a complaint. Nice service.