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A small 4 prong wire connector is dangling from my passenger side bumper

The wire is dangling. The only thing I can guess is the ambient temp sensor since that doesn’t really work, but I can’t find anywhere to connect it to or the temp sensor? Is it possible that the temp sensor is just gone? Bought the car a month or so ago. It’s a 2014 civic lx.

Front or rear bumper?
What year and model Civic?

Temp sensor shouldn’t need 4 wires. Anything else missing? Any damage?

I have a 2015 civic. I don’t think you can even reach up under the corner bumper air dam area. The wire is hanging down below so you can see it? My car is under warranty. I ain’t going to crawl under it for nothing. I might not even hose it off if it caught fire. That’s why I have insurance.

@cr810j You now have 3 threads about this vehicle that you said had a rebuilt title. The question is have you talked to the people you bought it from. Frankly, I think your problems are just going to continue.


Yeah. It’s a good car. All of those have been small issues. The rattling noise is just a cable that isn’t fastened to the body. The high beams is just a broken connector. This I am guessing is just the ambient temp sensor.

Front Bumper. 2014 Honda Civic. No damage to the connector. It just isn’t connected to anything haha. I haven’t noticed anything else off, that’s why I assumed it was the temp sensor.

Just about every connector is unique. They may look the same but only fit a particular socket. At least those connectors of any consequence. The various connectors would be shown in the factory service manual. A pic would help.

Check all the exterior lighting in that area, maybe its for marker lights or something. Check the operation of the windshield wiper squirters too, maybe it is for the windshield washer pump.

I’m going to guess that your car does not have fog lights.