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2001 VW Cabrio Engine Coolant Temp Sensor (G62)

My inst panel engine temp indicator works intermitently. I’m trying to figure out if I have a bad sender, connection, or indicator. My problem is I can not figure out how to disconnect the wiring at the sensor. The connection swivels and appears to have a snap-on connector, but I can’t figure out how it comes off. Since this sensor also provides input to the engine management system (timing, injection, idle speed, etc) I’m trying not to break anything! Does anyone have experience with this connector? It’s not one of the rectangular connectors with the wire “pinch” wings that are so prevalent elsewhere under the hood.


I’m a little confused. I thought those connectors went out with the digifant FI system. But, Cabrios were always a weird amalgamation of older parts on a newer body.

The connector you describe is indeed specific to the coolant temp sensor. However, whenever I’ve seen this connector on VWs there has ALWAYS been a second electrical connection (and sensor) that is used by the engine computer. Two sensors, two functions.

Regardless, to disconnect it, just pull! Slide the connector in a horizontal direction off the metal “post” of the sensor.

Something tells me you have a bad instrument cluster, but that’s for you to decide.

To clarify mrbean comments, I believe the car in question has two sensors and wires connected to a single device which has two sensors in that single device.

At least some models/years had a recall on this sensor.

Well, there does appear to be a second sensor adjacent to the one in question. It has one of those rectangular connectors with the wire “pinch” wings and only 2 wires. I started the car today and when the temp came up as indicated on the inst panel display, I disconnected this second connector - just to see. No change in indicated temp.
I’ll try the “just pull it” approach tomorrow. Thanks!

Maybe this article will help: There is a black connector and a blue connector…