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A Regular Regulator Problem? 12a

I smelled fuel & found that my 2000 Buick Century 3.1 L fuel regulator had fuel coating it from about halfway up the vacuum diaphragm chamber on down to the fuel inlet slipnut. No fuel dripping or spraying. But I couldnt see where the fuel was leaking out from. Several times later I checked to see if the leak got worse but then it dried up and hasnt returned as i drove it today. What might be a common type of leak source with this type of fuel regulator? A slit in the diaphragm causing a leak at the vacuum nipple? An inlet or outlet o-ring? The crimp for the 2 halves of the vacuum chamber is underneath the seam between the 2 chamber halves. Yet i
didnt check to see if fuel was dripping from it. And i dont understand how fuel would get up onto the upper chamber half unless a small pinhole is there, that sounds reasonable, might that be a common problem?

The jpeg only shows the regulator after fuel got dried up on it.

this post went all whacky on me, i dont know how, i cant fix it, i asked the moderator to please straighten it out…

No worries, been through worse. Sounds like an intermittent fuel pressure regulator?

Hi gudenteit. I deleted the duplicate quotes but in the end accidentally deleted your picture. Sorry about that. Can you please repost?

cdaquila, thanks much for editing! I couldn’t get anywhere trying to get that post back down to the single text paragraph.

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